Information Technology & Management

Helping to protect and support critical federal networks, systems, and data

The Bodwé Professional Services team brings in-depth comprehension of information systems and technologies as well as detailed planning, budgeting, execution, control, and support processes.

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We honor and respect our IT roles and responsibilities

Bodwé Group federal IT contractors adhere to strict regulations and standards, including cybersecurity protocols, data privacy laws, and procurement guidelines, of course. In addition, our skilled technicians and support personnel keenly understand that the ultimate aim is to leverage IT solutions to enhance government functions and improve public services, and to enable and ensure transparent, efficient, secure, and accountable federal operations.


From defense and intelligence to health and human services, Bodwé helps protect information and infrastructure from evolving cyber threats through our skilled and experienced cyber security personnel.


We deliver efficient and reliable assistance to keep federal information technology and its operators running. Technical issues can turn a good day bad in an instant. Our people support good days.


Our staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own.

Our information and technology management services

The Bodwé Group delivers expert information and technology management support services to federal agencies through our dedicated full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel.

Access Control Systems

Bodwé helps ensure the security of federal networks through the expert management of systems to dictate access and allow restrictions and rules regarding IT access. Our personnel work with federal agencies to specify and install software suited to security requirements, on both company hardware (laptops, desktops, servers) and software (Cloud systems, web applications, etc.).

Cyber Security

The Bodwé firms offer broad and comprehensive cyber security solutions to safeguard federal networks, systems, and data. Bodwé personnel are experts in vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident response, and security monitoring. Collaborating closely with federal agencies, Bodwé Group assesses risks, formulates security strategies, implements secure systems, and ensures compliance with standards and regulations. Our services provide a strong defense against cyber-attacks and facilitate detection and mitigation of potential breaches, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive government information.

Energy Resilience and Conversation Investment Program (ERCIP)

Federal agencies continually seek to reduce costs and increase security, and Bodwé supports these efforts with teams to develop, implement, and monitor conservation programs and technologies. Our experts help these programs reduce electricity and water usage, transition some utilities to more sustainable offerings, and defend utility infrastructure from security breaches and cyber-attacks. Bodwé teams are well-equipped to oversee the implementation of sustainability programs, identify and monitor potential risks and errors, and transition out once the program and technology are fully integrated within the agency.

Helpdesk Support

Bodwé offers remote troubleshooting, software and hardware support, network connectivity assistance, and user account management, working closely with government personnel to promptly address and resolve technical issues. Bodwé helpdesk support contracts also involve maintaining a knowledge base and providing training and guidance to end-users, empowering them to effectively use IT systems and tools. Our responsive and capable staff contributes to the smooth operation of federal IT infrastructure, minimizes downtime while optimizing productivity, and ensures a seamless experience for users.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Medical/Clinical Equipment Systems

Our expert staff understand the critical nature of RMF in ensuring that risk concerns are addressed and prevented before they result in work stoppages. In the context of medical and clinical services, Bodwé helps ensure that all equipment systems are working effectively to prevent negative patient outcomes. Our personnel are responsible for predicting potential issues with machinery, designing RMF plans to test and catch technology failures before they arise and to provide agency personnel with ways to monitor and prevent future failures.


Meeting the diverse needs of a range of clients

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Mission aligned service and support for many

Our federal support staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own, enhancing federal infrastructure and serving many people, here and abroad.

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