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Bodwé professionals provides a wide spectrum of federal support services to maintain, enhance, and expand the safety, functionality, and sustainability of government buildings and spaces.

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The Bodwé firms offer exemplary services to augment the longevity and performance of government facilities, ensuring safe and well-maintained environments and experiences for employees and visitors as well. We work closely with government clients to scrutinize and optimize space allocation, confirm compliance with building codes and regulations, and implement sustainable practices.


We help optimize operations, minimize costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with experienced personnel for roles such as maintenance, repair, custodial services, security management, and energy management.


Bodwé provides deep expertise in space planning, interior design, and construction project management to assist agencies with strategic planning and implementation for facility expansion, relocation, and reconfiguration.


Our staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own.

Our facilities management services

The Bodwé Group delivers expert facilities management support services to federal agencies through our dedicated full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel.

Administrative & Project Management Support

We offer support to federal agencies in project tracking and oversight to ensure delivery of project goals on-time and within budget. Our project managers collaborate with agency stakeholders and leadership to track due dates and manage calendars, establish and maintain budgets, supervise staff, and work with risk management professionals to prevent issues that may arise over the course of a project. Bodwé also offers administrative professionals such as executive assistants to help agency leaders manage, answer the phone, respond to emails, and record meeting minutes.

Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)

The Bodwé firms have deep experience providing Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) services, crucial for delivering efficient and effective medical logistics support to defense organizations. With a broad scope of logistical activities, these services are geared towards ensuring the readiness and availability of medical supplies, equipment, and facilities for military healthcare operations. Through DMLSS contracts, Bodwé offers inventory management, procurement, warehousing, distribution, and maintenance of medical assets. We collaborate closely with defense agencies to refine supply chains, optimize inventory levels, and amplify the overall operational efficiency of medical logistics. These services help guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of medical resources and also assist in tracking and managing medical assets, enabling defense organizations to respond adeptly to healthcare challenges and emergencies.

Initial Outfitting & Transition (IO&T)

The Bodwé team of professionals understands the demands of federal IO&T projects. Our staff brings industry-specific expertise and collaborates with the SMEs in the service areas required by the contract. We work closely with project managers in charge of overall supervision and compliance, scheduling and fostering communication between teams. Our personnel have the know-how to acquire and set up the necessary resources and systems for new facilities to function optimally, from IT equipment and medical devices to security and communication systems to office signs and artwork. Bodwé also has experts to support the shifting, expanding, or pruning of personnel resources, knowledgably engaging additional expertise along the way. We’ll also stay engaged as needed to oversee maintenance and optimize staff operation.

Medical Planning

Our team of facilities management experts includes those with years of medical contracting to support government healthcare facilities in aligning with federal requirements and providing high quality patient care. Bodwé offers specialized expertise in the design of medical facilities, oversight of medical resource implementation and transition, and recruitment of medical professionals. The Bodwé team helps ensure that medical technologies are functioning at full capacity, medical staff are well-trained experts in their fields, and medical facilities are well-kept.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Bodwé O&M services include the management, training, budgeting, and business process development required to plan and execute construction and maintenance services for government facilities. Bodwé also provides the engineers and technicians to perform inspections, upkeep, installations, and cleaning tasks to maintain the facility and ensure that operations continue without interruption. Often, our team also helps catch issues with equipment that could result in failures and helps identify risks that could slow down facility work output.


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Our federal support staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own, enhancing federal infrastructure and serving many people, here and abroad.

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