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Leveraging complex models and technology to advance the design process

Our tribal ownership and mission orient us toward success with a long view, which allows for our investment in the future through the latest design technology and innovation today.

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We embrace innovation as an enabler

Our Indigenous roots and values connect our approach to the natural rhythms of life and its traditions. At the same time, we adopt modern technology to collaborate on solutions that embrace innovation and efficiency. Together, this results in built environments that foster a relational experience of space as well as a progressive view of design for future generations.


We enhance processes and productivity across Bodwé buildings and infrastructure teams with integrated hardware, software, networks, and BIM management for coordinating all building systems.


Bodwé Group technical experts use the latest technology and tools to help simplify key data-intensive workplan elements such as detailed energy modeling as well as identifying and resolving design clashes.


We conduct in-person design workshops and real-time virtual collaboration and Bodwé invests in both with 3D scanning, printing, and rendering technology that enables us to collectively see a shared vision.

Our virtual design services

Bodwé Group provides a full range of virtual design services to support all of our architecture and engineering design experts across our Buildings Services Branch.

3D Laser Scanning

Bodwé technicians capture existing conditions of built environments using LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology that takes hundreds of thousands of precise measurements every second to create detailed 3D models of existing conditions. Spaces that were once difficult to access or measure can now be accounted for accurately and confidently to 1/16” and the data is easily imported into BIM or CAD packages. The laser scanner is placed at various locations strategically throughout a building or exterior space and rotates on a tripod to complete a 360-degree scan of its surroundings. 3D laser scanning saves time and money by limiting staff needed on site during field investigation and minimizes disruption to the environment in the areas being surveyed.

3D Printing

In-house 3D printing technology allows the Bodwé architecture and engineering teams to create building and site models easily and accurately. 3D printed models illustrate the connection between structural features in multiple configurations and help visualize spatial relationships between key design elements. Our teams find these models particularly useful in bringing projects to life for our clients, including campus and master plans as well as additions, where understanding context and connectivity with the existing structures is essential.

3D Renderings & Graphic Design

Our multi-disciplinary teams across the Bodwé family of companies collaborate in real time through 3D virtual software programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp. Each of our integrated project teams collaborate using the same software packages and versions, connected through a unified network and BIM system. Bodwé designers also use Adobe Cloud for graphic layers and elements imported into 3D models to enable comprehensive architectural, interior design, landscape, and wayfinding renderings. These visualizations help clients better understand the process and design by illustrating what the space will look like after construction, enhancing communication and reducing design duration.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The Bodwé Buildings Services team uses BIM to manage building data, design geometry, and site criteria, creating real-time interactive models based on user input that accurately depict the interconnectedness of a building and help plan and validate the final product before breaking ground. Our team taps into BIM for project design coordination, such as in the tight spaces overhead, to decrease costly change orders during construction. BIM also facilitates analysis of the sustainable aspects of a building and impacts to a site, enabling informed decisions regarding stormwater management, lighting, solar orientation, carbon footprinting and other vital components. BIM minimizes the loss of information on complex projects where multiple teams handle specialized components of the whole. Whether a project is designed and engineered completely with in-house Bodwé staff or in collaboration with outside consultants, BIM allows the entire team to work together from a single information source in real-time.

Clash Detection

An essential component of our Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, clash detection software allows Bodwé teams to resolve construction conflicts during the design phase. Clash detection integrates structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings into a single BIM model, allowing faults to be identified well before groundbreaking, rather than on site and with high cost and schedule implications.


Meeting the diverse needs of a range of clients


Bodwé Group is part of Mno-Bmadsen and wholly owned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Our mission is to serve the more than 6,000 Pokagon citizens through growing the economy and legacy of the Band and our commitment extends to more than 50 Indigenous clients as well as a multitude of partners and friends from coast to coast.


Focusing on clients that offer us preference as a result of our tribal ownership by the Pokagon Band is essential to our growth. Through our 8(a) contracts and other set-asides, the Bodwé Group has successful past performance on hundreds of projects for many federal departments and agencies, and our Federal Support Services business grows significantly every year.


Core to our Buildings Services capabilities and expertise, Bodwé healthcare experience spans over a decade and includes projects with tribal partners, federal agencies, and private clients. Our teams have designed and programmed campus master plans, VA hospital renovations and expansions, large-scale IHS primary care facilities, tribal community clinics, and more.


Teams across Bodwé have comprehensive experience with campus planning, site development, educational and athletic facilities, student dorms, and staff housing. Over the past several years, our partnership with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Education has expanded from condition assessments to building design and site development to modernizing federal design standards.


Our housing work is as diverse as the clients we serve. The Bodwé family of companies has experience that includes suburban neighborhood development, urban lofts, large mixed-use residential, and tribal housing, including many forms of supportive housing. This work is core to the Bodwé mission and our commitment to sustainable culture and communities.

Site Development

For decades, WBK Engineering has partnered with municipalities and private clients to develop sites and create community. Today, our Building Services and Infrastructure Services teams are engaged in planning and development work that crosses the country, serving local, federal, and Indigenous clients with an approach that integrates people, place, and planet.


While serving clients and end users at project sites from coast to coast, we also serve the places where we live and work. We offer our time and financial support to community organizations, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with partners on buildings, recreation, and site development projects that support and uplift people, culture, and community.

Lighting a fire for current and future generations

Our mission is to benefit future generations of Pokagon citizens and with that long view in mind we choose the often-hard work of doing what’s meaningful and good. We choose it again and again to benefit wellness and missions and opportunities for people.

patients supported
tribal students benefited
federal projects completed
native nations served
housing units provided

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If you are interested in beginning a new project, you are a potential teaming partner, or you just want to chat about great architecture and engineering, please drop us a note.

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