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Managing projects and programs is fundamental to everything we do

For more than a decade, the Bodwé Group has been building a reputation for exceptional operations and delivering on-time and on-budget projects. Our federal support services are built on this standard.

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We are scope managers and industry leaders

Whether we’re delivering strategic advice, financial or business analysis, administrative services, or learning and instructional design support, Bodwé Group delivers support personnel and integrated teams that know what it means to work with federal agencies. We know how to keep projects and programs on track, and we bring along industry expertise that adds value along the way.


Our professionals bring oversight and clarity to complex programs mapped to multiple objectives, budgets, resources, and teams. We are diligent in managing specific project deliverables, and design clear strategies to keep projects on track.


Bodwé personnel are broadly skilled, and many are certified, in project management best practices. We also ensure our staff is accomplished in specific industries as necessary such as information technology, cyber-security, and healthcare.


Our staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own.

Our project and program management services

The Bodwé Group delivers expert project and program management support services to federal agencies through our dedicated full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel.

Administrative Support

Personnel assigned to these roles through the Bodwé Group are well-versed in basic office operations and easily adapt to any industry with minimal additional training. As part of their responsibilities, our staff understand the important role they have in interacting with stakeholders and the public, facilitating communication between agency staff and the public or between personnel from different agencies or divisions. Bodwé contractors work tirelessly to optimize functionality and ensure smooth daily operations and clear communication between government agencies.

Advisory & Assistance (AA)

Bodwé personnel contribute significantly to agency operations with recommendations for streamlining functionality and assisting with intricate oversight tasks. We offer a fresh, external perspective for decision-making support, including reviewing complex research studies and reports, proposing compliance strategies with government regulations, or preparing an agency for an audit. AA specialists from Bodwé collaborate closely with project management teams, providing specific expertise that enriches business processes.

Business Process Improvement

Our skilled team is proficient in managing and interpreting large volumes of business data, leading to insight regarding staff scheduling, budget expectations, software and communication processes, and current stakeholder feedback. Upon completing the analysis, the team at Bodwé develops a rigorous delivery schedule and outlines specific actions to achieve business goals. If resources need to be allocated, such as implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, we handle the procurement of resources and train existing staff to ensure maximum efficiency of new systems or processes.

Business Support Services

Bodwé Group provides specialists in many technical aspects of an agency's operations, including payroll and benefits maintenance, company data and income statement tracking, contribution to databases, organization of sensitive paperwork, and research into stakeholder outreach and communication methods. We understand that the nature of this work often surpasses simple administrative tasks, and our business support staff is also equipped to delve into demanding areas such as cloud migrations, cybersecurity, or talent acquisition.

Financial Analysis & Management

Bodwé personnel excel in financial analysis and management, delving deep into cash flow, income, and expenditure reports to assess the fiscal health and put forward strategies to boost agency profitability. We offer assistance with accounting duties such as processing invoices and collecting outstanding debts and participate in project teams to devise growth strategies and provide financial guidance.

Instructional Design

The Bodwé team is experienced in coordinating collaborating to understand deliverables and business development expectations, including needs assessment. We help identify the knowledge and skills gaps, applying systems like Bloom’s Taxonomy to define various learning levels. We combine this with instructional design models to form the basis for developing an effective educational product. As we manage the project lifecycle, additional Bodwé software designers, graphic designers, or technical writers may be brought on to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product.

Learning Management System (LMS) Support

Our LMS support staff offers a blend of software and information technology experience with an understanding of adult instruction best practices. Bodwé contractors work to help deliver an optimal learning environment, including helpdesk support for users navigating the software interface, routine maintenance of the LMS system, as well as archiving and updating learning module materials.


Meeting the diverse needs of a range of clients

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Mission aligned service and support for many

Our federal support staff understands and appreciates the Bodwé Group mission and values as a tribally-owned family of companies. They also embrace your mission and goals as their own, enhancing federal infrastructure and serving many people, here and abroad.

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