Water & Dams

Our team thrives at the intersection of human infrastructure and water

When we shape and build on the land, we must understand how we impact water and our waterways. From roadway drainage to stormwater infrastructure to dams, Bodwé experts know how to mitigate the relationship.

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We are experts in hydrology and hydraulics

With recognized industry expertise in stormwater and flooding as well as natural riverine and manmade conveyance, Bodwé provides waterways analyses, flood studies, dam improvement and removal, and stormwater management design. And with every project, our team takes responsibility for protecting communities and natural ecosystems.

Water Scientists

We conduct waterway and floodplain modelling, improve stormwater management infrastructure, and restore streams. We are partners with Bodwé structural engineers to design safe and durable bridge spans over water.

Dam Experts

The Bodwé team performs dam safety inspections, dam removal and modification, and dam hydrology/hydraulics analyses, including working with federal agencies to analyze the potential impacts of dam failure.


We are stewards of client resources and the environment. We advocate for balance between built infrastructure and natural ecosystems to enhance communities and benefit those who live there.

Our complete offering of water and dams services

Bodwé Group provides a full range of water and dams services in partnership with other experts and teams within our Infrastructure Services Branch. We also collaborate seamlessly with our colleagues in the Buildings Branch, providing you with one point of contact for even complex projects and programs.

Dam Hydrology/Hydraulics Analyses

Our team brings decades of experience in hydrology and hydraulics as well as dam safety related engineering. We have developed dam site hydrology (HEC-HMS), analyzed hydrologic and dam failure flood hydraulics (HEC-RAS 1D, 2D), prepared inundation mapping, and prepared consequences analyses based on population at risk (PAR) and loss of life (LOL) estimates for inflow design flood (IDF) determination.  Our engineers regularly perform incremental flood hazard assessments, probable maximum precipitation and flood analyses, and spillway hydraulic analyses. Our work is delivered in accordance with FEMA, BIA, Bureau of Reclamation, and State Dam Safety guidance requirements.

Dam Removal

The Bodwé Group has provided alternative analysis, engineering design, permitting, and construction oversight for seven dam modifications and/or removals over the past decade. We have developed partial and full removal designs and provided natural restoration for miles of existing streams in and around dams to improve the ecological functions and ensure a stable and naturalized stream remains.  Our team also brings experience in the areas of river ecology, ecosystem-based habitat restoration, state and federal permitting, and public presentation.

Dam Safety Inspections

Bodwé assists both private and public entities, from municipalities and counties to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, on projects related to dam safety and inspections of existing dams. Our staff has extensive experience with the State of Illinois Dam Safety Program and inspection requirements. We currently provide annual dam safety inspections for dams throughout northeast Illinois.

Drainage Improvement Design

The Bodwé team of stormwater engineers works with both public and private sector clients nationwide to investigate and develop designs to resolve localized flooding and drainage issues. Our diverse project experience includes simple and practical approaches as well as highly complex modeling to mitigate flooding and drainage issues.

Flood Studies

Bodwé Group water resources engineers deliver flood studies and floodplain related analysis and design projects for both private and public clients nationally. We understand the scope and intricacies of providing accurate flood studies and floodplain mapping updates, including CLOMR, LOMR, and LOMA applications, based upon concerns from communities as well as continued development. We employ state-of-the-practice processes and models to meet state and Federal (FEMA) requirements.

Ordinance Consulting and Compliance

Our team ensures understanding of the permitting requirements within each of the areas we work. We develop permittable projects, and we have also been instrumental in the development and updating of various stormwater management and floodplain ordinances in our client geographies. We take the time to thoroughly understand the required review agency regulations and objectives, and how they relate to development within the community.

Stream Restoration & Bank Stabilization

We perform stream assessments to identify accelerated erosion on stream banks, determine streambed stability, rank the severity of erosion, and identify priorities for treatment to provide ecological uplift, enhanced recreation opportunities, and integrated restoration concepts. Our broad experience includes assisting municipalities with flood and erosion mitigation on unique projects such as stream bank stabilization to eliminate erosion as well as aquatic and vegetative restoration and stream re-meandering of an existing channelized creek.


Meeting the diverse needs of a range of clients


Bodwé Group is part of Mno-Bmadsen and wholly owned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Our mission is to serve the more than 6,000 Pokagon citizens through growing the economy and legacy of the Band and our commitment extends to more than 50 Indigenous clients as well as a multitude of partners and friends from coast to coast.


Focusing on clients that offer us preference as a result of our tribal ownership by the Pokagon Band is essential to our growth. Through our 8(a) contracts and other set-asides, the Bodwé Group has successful past performance on hundreds of projects for many federal departments and agencies, and our Federal Support Services business grows significantly every year.


With experience that extends more than 25 years, our municipal and civil engineering team is proud of its long-term relationships with townships, cities, and counties. Often working as an extension of our client team, we are partners in the design, construction, maintenance, and monitoring of infrastructure for municipal sites, roads, utilities, and stormwater management.


Our transportation engineering team members are specialists in designing and permitting roadway reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, from local roads to complex highways. Whether we are modeling traffic, analyzing alternatives, designing roundabouts, or overseeing construction, the Bodwé Infrastructure Services branch keeps things moving.

Bridges & Structures

Working with Bodwé transportation and water resource engineers, our structural team embraces their responsibility for human safetyand for the protection of natural ecosystems. We understand the dynamics between built structures and potential impacts to people and planet. We design efficient, effective, and durable solutions that fit the context of the community and environment.

Water & Dams

With recognized industry expertise in stormwater and flooding as well as natural riverine and manmade conveyance, Bodwé provides waterways analyses, flood studies, dam improvement and removal, and stormwater management design. And with every project, our team takes responsibility for protecting communities and natural ecosystems.

Site Development

For decades, WBK Engineering has partnered with municipalities and private clients to develop sites and create community. Today, our Building Services and Infrastructure Services teams are engaged in planning and development work that crosses the country, serving local, federal, and Indigenous clients with an approach that integrates people, place, and planet.

Focused on benefits for people and planet

We are mediators. We create bonds between communities of people and the places we shape and form, the infrastructure serving those communities, and the land, water, and habitats we protect and restore.

miles improved
greenspaces created
waterways sustained
municipal citizens served
endangered species protected

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