Illinois Tollway

Illinois Tollway Systemwide Design Upon Request (DUR)

Chicago Metro Area, Illinois
8 task order
Engineering Fees
3 years

WBK is engaged in a three-year Design Upon Request (DUR) contract with the Illinois Tollway, spanning multiple projects across the system. This ongoing work includes overhead sign structure replacement and repairs whereby our team provides repair plans, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans, special provisions, cost estimates, and bidding documents.

Our Tollway scope also encompasses structural rehabilitation and repairs for Illinois Tollway bridges, including structural and deck improvements, roadway repair, and mitigation of soil erosion around abutments, wingwalls, and slopewalls. The WBK team provides inspections and field verification of existing conditions, technical memorandums providing our findings and recommendations, structural and roadway repair plans, MOT plans, specifications, special provisions, and cost estimates.

Our team has also performed tasks related to the Tri-State Tollway Oasis sites and Toll Plazas, including project management oversight for pavement repair and drainage as well as toll plaza improvements such as new tolling monotube structures and associated equipment, pavement, and median work.

Task Orders #2a, 2b, & 2c: Overhead Sign Structure Replacement, I-355, MP 21.8 (Butterfield Road) and MP 25.4 (Roosevelt Road); I-90, MP 36.1 (IL 23) and MP 46.9 (IL 47); I-88, MP 78.6 (I-39): Design team provided Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) repair plans, special provisions, and cost estimate, as well as required bidding documents.

Task Order #3: Overhead Sign Structure Repairs, Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90), MP 62.0 (Barrington Road) to MP 75.8 (Higgins Road): The design team prepared repair plans, special provisions, and cost estimate for fifty-four (54) overhead ITS Gantry structures’ splice bolts replacement and column foundation anchor bolt nuts replacement.

Task Order #4: Structural Rehabilitation, I-294, MP 40.8 (I-90) and I-390, MP 6.75 (Metra Railroad) to MP 15.27 (Lively Boulevard): The transportation design team performed in-depth inspections and field verified the existing condition of the deck and expansion joints at thirty (30) bridges. Technical memorandums were prepared for each structure summarizing our findings, and providing recommendations. The design team provided MOT, repair plans, special provisions, and cost estimates.

Task Order #5: Structural Repairs, Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90)MP 21.8 (Townhall Road) to MP 46.4 (IL 47): The design team performed in-depth inspections and field verified four (4) bridges’ deck, expansion joints, and embankment, prepared repair plans, special provisions and cost estimate focusing on mitigation of erosion around abutments, wing walls and slope walls.

Task Order #6: Systemwide Bridge and Roadway Repairs: The transportation team prepared structural and roadway repair plans, specifications, and cost estimates for four (4) bridges along I-90 and I-94/I-294. The scope of work consisted of anchor bolt repairs, concrete repair, PPC I-Beam repair, strip seal joint replacement, barrier wall repairs, and pavement connector replacement.

Task Order #7: Pavement Repairs, Tri-State Tollway (I-94), Milepost 17.1(Bradley Road) to Milepost 18.1 (Lake Forest Oasis) Our team provided project management oversight for this pavement repair project adjacent to the Lake Forest Oasis. The project team performed a site visit and prepared maintenance repair exhibits and associated cost estimates, focusing on pavement and drainage repair details for the Tollway’s in-house use.

Task Order #8: Plaza 2 Improvements, I-90, MP 12.6 (East Riverside Boulevard) The design team provided project management oversight for the Plaza 2 improvements which include a new tolling monotube structure, associated equipment, and pavement/median work.

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